I don’t know why I put off weighing my car for so long. I went to Ace Relocation on Eastgate Dr. The Jetta weighed in at 3260 lbs. The factory weight is listed at about 2900 lbs. So, 360lbs increase for an Electric conversion. Not too bad, it’s like having 2 180lb passengers in the car all the time.

The next thing to do is figure out the tire pressure. My car has Falken ZE-512 tires. The size is 205/50 R15. Each tire can carry 1168 lbs at 51 psi. Let’s say the Jetta weighs about 3500 with some passengers in it. That’s 875lbs per tire. So, 875/1168 * 51 = 38.2. So, I should have 38.2 psi in each tire, assuming the weight is distributed easily. Unfortunately the scale can only weigh the whole car, so I don’t have separate numbers for each axle.

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