New Brushes

I got my new brushes from Helwig Carbon today. These are replacements for the originals in my 9″ ADC FB1-4001 motor. Since I ran my motor with the brushes retarded for so long, I decided to replace them. The guys at Helwig were really helpful. These brushes are custom made to match the original dimensions. Here’s the specs for my brushes.

Description:  H60
Size:  .625 X .966 X 1.25 Style:  2QP3
Grade:  H60

The new brushes are split style with the Red Top pad and 4 leads.

I’ll be putting them in this weekend. At this point the Jetta isn’t limited by motor performance (it’s limited by battery performance for sure), so I doubt new brushes will make much difference.

Here’s some of the old brushes for reference:

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